Events Seem to be Turning Green

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Four-leaf clovers and leprechauns aren’t the only things that make the month of March so green.  More and more industries are catching the “green fever” and jumping on the green marketing trend in attempts to become more environmentally friendly.  Recently, many corporate event planners are transitioning to host greener meetings in order to help the struggling economy and create a more sustainable environment. 

Green with Environmentally Friendly Events

According to an announcement last week at the Greening the Hospitality Industry Conference, 17 cities are going to host discussions about greening meetings. These meetings will present standards from the Accepted Practices Exchange Green Meetings and Events Practice Panel on how to plan the most environmentally efficient events. The Green Meeting Industry Council inspires to lead change, and strives to transform the global meetings industry through sustainability. These conferences should increase awareness among professionals in hospitality and event management, and give them the opportunity to comment on new green standards before being finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency

Some Have Already Discovered Their Green Thumb

While those in the event planning industry still have a lot of changes to make before they’re considered “green,” some companies have already taken the initiative to position themselves as experts in eco-friendly event planning. 

Tribble Creative Group created the video above to promote awareness about the negative impact events can have on the environment.  Tribble has earned a reputation for planning creative events and providing solutions to preparing conferences and meetings generate less harm to the environment.

Don’t go Green Just Because it Looks Good

Tempted by the green mm candy. Image courtesy of Photobucket. While I think it’s great that more companies are finally promoting environmental awareness, it’s not uncommon in the industry anymore.  It seems like an increasing amount of professional event planners are trying to specialize in green marketing to position themselves as a resource for companies in search of the “green” solution. However, it’s important to be careful when calling a company “green.” Professionals must plan strategically to make an event environmentally friendly; otherwise, they could receive negative attention from the public and the media.


  • If a company is trying to distinguish themselves as eco-friendly by just cutting costs or using fewer resources, it can be perceived as “greenwashing.” This is not smart public relations etiquette because it’s misleading and it can be considered deceptive marketing.  

         PR Tip:

  •  If you want to plan a successful “green” event, do your research first. To position yourself as an eco-friendly company, provide real solutions to conserve the environment at the event.